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You have either a new product that you want to develop, or an existing product that you want to extend with AI technology. You want to know what the time and cost of building the AI product would be, before you go about building it.


Electric Brain offers a straightforward AI design consultation process. The process is aimed at providing a technical design, along with an estimate of how much work is required to build it and the time required to build it.


The design sprint process has three phases:

Phase 1 - Discovery

During this part of the process, we try to learn as much as possible about the problem. This is broken down into three parts:

Technical Discovery

During technical discovery, we learn about your current technology environment. For new product development, technical discovery is not required. Questions include:

  • What programming languages do you use?

  • What frameworks do you use?

  • What is the database software?

  • What is the structure of the database tables? How are they related to each other?

  • Where is the technology deployed? Cloud, private, on-site, or hybrid?

  • What operating system and version is it deployed on?

  • What third party systems does it interface with?

  • Where are the known failure points / stress points of the software?

  • Are there parts of the code that have a lot of technical debt?

  • What are your processes for deploying new versions?

  • Can we have a sample of the data?

  • Can we have a code walkthrough?

Customer / Process Discovery

During customer / process discovery, we try to learn as much as possible about the end-problem / end-use case of the technology being developed. If this is an automation focused AI system, this will involve learning about the business process that is being automated. Questions include:

  • What is the business process being automated? Describe it to us?

  • What parts of this business process require professional knowledge? Which require company specific knowledge?

  • Which IT systems does this process interact with? What are the versions of those various IT systems?

  • When does this process interact with other departments / organizations?

  • How long does it take to perform the process?

  • How much does it cost to perform the process?

  • How frequently is the process performed? E.g. is this a continuous stream of calls, or just a once in a while thing

  • What kind of accuracy threshold would be useful in automating this process? 50%? 90%? 99%? 99.99%?

  • Can you provide diagrams / flow charts of the business process?

  • Can we shadow an individual performing the process for several hours?

  • Can we talk directly to an end user who performs the process (if its not done internally)

Vision Discovery

During vision discovery, we try to learn as much as possible about your vision for the solution and how it impacts your organization.

  • What is it that you want to build / automate today?

  • What do you want to do in the future? Is there a certain long term direction that you want the technology to take?

  • What is the business value of the solution? How much profit is there to be gained from it?

  • What are your desired trade-offs in terms of speed-to-market vs. higher quality?


Phase 2 - Potential Solution Brainstorming

During this phase of the project, we come up with several potential solutions to your challenge. These will be partially fleshed out potential solutions for us to evaluate. For each of these solutions, we will flesh out:

  • Overall Pro’s / Con’s of the solution compared to other proposed solutions

  • The estimated time it would take to build the solution

  • The estimated cost for building the solution

  • The expertise required for the solution

  • How much data needs to be collected for the solution?

  • What changes would be required to your existing technology?

  • What resources are required from your existing team? What can be outsourced to other providers without a hassle?

  • What are the ongoing costs of the solution?


After all of this analysis, we will create a presentation and hand-out materials to present to your team during a 2-3 hour meeting. Your team is provided a few days to think it over and decide on a solution.

Phase 3 - Full Solution Design

During this part of the project, we take the chosen solution during Phase 2 and more fully flesh it out. We will come up with a variety of materials that make it possible to communicate the solution to your existing team, or to third-party stakeholders. These materials include:

  • Mockups & drawings of user interfaces (or changes to your existing user interface)

  • Database schemas / designs

  • Roughly how much data needs to be collected, and of what sort

  • A user-story / task list  indicating the various components that would need to be built for the solution

  • References to third party technologies that would be recommended for building each of the components in the solution

  • A proposal from Electric Brain on how much we would charge to build such a solution

(Optional) Phase 4 - Proof of Concept / Demonstration

During this optional final phase, Electric Brain can create a proof-of-concept or demonstration of the technology. This proof-of-concept can be used to convince senior management, investors, or even yourself on the merits and true viability of the project.

Time & Cost

Design sprints can come in a few different sizes, depending on the level of detail that you want us to pay in analyzing and creating the solution.


Phase 1 - 2 discovery meetings, up to 5 hours

Phase 2 - Two alternative solutions proposed

Phase 3 - Just a proposal, nothing else

No Phase 4


Cost: $7,500 including HST

Time: 2-3 weeks


Phase 1 - 5 discovery meetings, up to 15 hours

Phase 2 - Three alternative solutions proposed

Phase 3 - Proposal, Basic task-list & UI Mockups

No Phase 4


Cost: $11,500 including HST

Time: 3-4 weeks


Phase 1 - 10 discovery meetings, up to 30 hours

Phase 2 - Up to five alternative solutions proposed, potentially over two rounds

Phase 3 - Proposal, Task Lists, UI Mockups, Database Schemas, Technology References, and more as applicable

No Phase 4


Cost: $15,000 including HST

Time: 5-6 weeks


Demonstrations can vary quite a bit in cost. It depends a lot on how "sexy" the demonstration needs to be, and the different circumstances you will be demonstrating in.


Cost: $15,000 to $45,000 including HST

Time: 6-12 weeks

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