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You’re a technology company that already has a sophisticated understanding of data science and AI technology generally, but you are lacking in the skills for core deep-learning development. Or perhaps you have built deep-learning technology in Keras or Caffe, but now want to switch to Tensorflow. Or perhaps you already have all of the skills, but your on a tight deadline and could use a team to hand off quick, ad-hoc deep-learning work to.


Electric Brain can come in and provide its skills and expertise for this kind of short-term, ad-hoc project. We come in, we help out, and we leave - no hassle required. There isn’t much to explain here.

Time & Cost

Ad-hoc, short term work like this is typically done on a time & materials basis.


Our general rate for for anything above 100+ hours is $150 / hour including HST.

For between 20 and 100 hours, the rate is $200 / hour including HST.


For less then that, we offer retainers. Retainers must be purchased for a minimum of 3 months. Hours are use-it-or-lose it. Hours can be used for anything from strategy calls, to advice, to project plans or very short programming projects. When you no longer need us (after minimum 3 months), you let us know and the retainer is cancelled.


Retainers are as follows:

  • 5 hours per month - $1500 / month including HST

  • 10 hours per month - $2500 / month including HST

  • 15 hours per month - $3250 / month including HST

  • 20 hours per month - $4000 / month including HST


We can also provide fixed prices for several different kinds of small projects, including Tensorflow scripting and library conversion. Contact for more details.

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