How to Automate Anything with AI

If your audience is seeking to build a new AI powered product and they don’t know where to begin, then this presentation is for you. Designed for startups, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and all other innovators, in this presentation we teach the basic approach on building novel AI technology. We outline a basic vision to use industry standard supervised learning to automate almost any process with AI.

Our presentation includes:

  1. What steps are involved in building AI technology?

  2. What is an annotator and what is it used for?

  3. What are the best practices when building up a propietary dataset?

  4. How should you approach researching an algorithm?

  5. What are common issues that occur when integrating an algorithm into a product?

  6. What do you do after launch of your AI system? How do you monitor it?

Depending on the length, we can include an interactive portion which gets the audience involved in understanding AI projects. This interactive portion goes through different hypothetical AI projects, discussing:

  • What datasets are required to automate the process? What kind of data, and how much?

  • What would an annotator look like for this process?

  • How long would a research phase take? What would it look like?

  • How complicated is the integration, and how would it take place?

  • What kind of monitoring and testing you would do on this system?

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