Artificial Intelligence Services

At Electric Brain, we engineer and implement advanced AI technology based on deep learning and data science. Our team works directly with tech and business professionals to build customized artificial intelligence solutions

AI Design

You have either a new product that you want to develop, or an existing product that you want to extend with AI technology. You want to know what the time and cost of building the AI product would be, before you go about building it.

Minimum Viable Product

You’re an entrepreneur and you need to build the first version of your kick ass new AI startup. But you’re having a tough time attracting a technical cofounder to your startup. You believe in your vision, and you have obtained the money to put behind. If you can get it launched and get some traction, you know that the talent will start coming to you.

Deep Learning Development

You’re a technology company that already has a sophisticated understanding of data science and AI technology generally, but you are lacking in the skills for core deep-learning development. Or perhaps you have built deep-learning technology in Keras or Caffe, but now want to switch to Tensorflow. Or perhaps you already have all of the skills, but your on a tight deadline and could use a team to hand off quick, ad-hoc deep-learning work to.

Demonstration & Proof of Concept

You have an awesome idea for an AI system or product. You need to demonstrate its viability to key stakeholders with something tangible - something they can look at, touch and play with for themselves.

Document Parsing & Data Extraction

You have documents in their vanilla form, such as PDF’s and Images and you need to get the data out of them. The documents come in a variety of different shapes and formats, but all contain some of the same data.

Predictive Modelling & Data Science

You’re organization has a need for predictive modelling. You’re trying to detect fraud, predict when customers will cancel their subscription, or figure out when bitcoin will go bust. You need someone who is up to date with the latest and greatest AI techniques, so that they can apply them to these traditional data-science use-cases.

Technical Consulting

You’re team wants the advice an input of an experienced deep-learning professional, without having to hire one to your team.

Text Classification

You have some text and you need to classify it. Your existing team does not have the natural language processing expertise to build a good model, or you need to exceed that accuracy that your team can get with off-the-shelf tools.

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