Technical Consulting


Your team wants the advice and input of an experienced deep-learning professional, without having to hire one to your team.


Electric Brain offers simple and easy AI consulting retainers. These provide you a fixed number of hours to consult with Electric Brain each month. The consulting can be used for:


  • Strategizing about what to research next in your AI team

  • Bouncing around ideas on which machine learning algorithms to use

  • Doing very small coding projects

  • Teaching your team about deep-learning

  • Creating AI system designs, or project plans

  • Participating in brainstorming sessions or meetings

  • Answering questions via email

  • Having calls to discuss ideas

Time & Cost

Retainers must be purchased for a minimum of 3 months. Hours are use-it-or-lose it. Hours can be used for anything from strategy calls, to advice, to project plans or very short programming projects. When you no longer need us (after minimum 3 months), you let us know and the retainer is cancelled.


Retainers are as follows:

  • 5 hours per month - $1,500 / month including HST

  • 10 hours per month - $2,250 / month including HST

  • 15 hours per month - $3,250 / month including HST

  • 20 hours per month - $4,000 / month including HST

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